Seven cheesy recipe ideas

Looking for some new cheesy recipe ideas? There's nothing more comforting or delicious than a meal with molten, golden and bubbly cheese. Try these seven cheesy recipe ideas using Perfect Italiano Perfect Pizza cheese.

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Seven recipe ideas using pizza cheese

When you cook with cheese, it should melt beautifully, be downright tasty and bake to golden perfection. It's usually best to cook with a combination of a few cheeses for that perfect balance. Perfect Italiano’s Perfect Pizza combines mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan for you, so you can enjoy authentic and flavourful pizza every time, fuss-free! Pizza cheese isn’t limited to the top of a great slice, here are some great ideas for using pizza cheese in your next meal or snack.
Stuffed crust pizza
One great thing about making pizza dough at home is that you can customise the crust with whatever fillings you like. If you're wondering how to make stuffed crust pizza at home, our stuffed crust pizza recipe is for you. Pizza cheese-stuffed crust is a fan-favourite. Make the best stuffed crust pizza by mixing in other ingredients, like caramelised onion, chopped spinach or sausage.
The best cheesy bread
If you're looking for a stuffed cheesy bread recipe, this cheesy monkey bread is a favourite for kids. They just love using their hands to dig into these warm golden puffs from the oven. Our recipe for Cheesy Monkey Bread is quick and easy to whip up, and just as quick and easy to eat.
Homemade pizza pockets
It's so easy to learn how to make pizza pockets at home, our recipes for Folded Beef and Ricotta Pita Pizzas and Calzone Bolognese are your keys to success. Wrap up your favourite pizza toppings into these little hot pockets for an easy meal. Great for on-the-go snacks or packed up for lunch, fill them with pizza cheese and your favourite fillings.
Pasta bake with pizza toppings
This recipe for a 30-minute Pizza Pasta Bake is a quick comfort food recipe. It uses gnocchi as a base and plenty of pepperoni for that pizza flavour. It smuggles in veggies like mushroom and green capsicum, so it's good for fussy eaters. And of course it uses pizza cheese for that irresistible golden topping.
Savoury scroll recipes
Fresh savoury scrolls are delicious and great for lunch boxes. Our recipe for Antipasto Scrolls always look and taste great using pizza cheese. Here are some more ideas for what to put on a scroll:
  • Ham, pineapple and cheese
  • Bacon, tomato and cheese
  • Olives and cheese
  • Vegemite and cheese
  • Caramelised onion and cheese
  • Chicken, spinach and cheese
  • Semi-dried tomatoes, red onion and cheese
  • Barbecue sauce, pepperoni and cheese
  • Sliced mushrooms and cheese
  • Sweet chilli, chicken and cheese
Cheese on toast with toppings
Make this cheesy bruschetta with pizza cheese for a delicious breakfast. Top with your favourite bruschetta toppings. For ideas of what to put on bruschetta, try tomato, basil and bocconcini, or pesto, feta and prosciutto.
Filling for toasties and jaffles
Fill toasted sandwiches or jaffles with cheese and ingredients you love. A combination we love is ham and cheese with a swipe of Dijon mustard. Using pizza cheese will guarantee you’ll have luscious, melty goodness every time.
Cheesy recipes
There's a reason why "say cheese!" is synonymous with a smile, give these cheesy ideas a go and the family love them. See more recipes below.
Play Video: Cheesy Monkey Bread
This cheesy monkey bread is both filled and topped with cheese for extra deliciousness. Warm, cheesy foods are always a hit at gatherings, and this recipe is easy to whip up when family or friends pop around.
Play Video: Cheesy Herb and Garlic Pizza
Garlic and cheese get an extra lift of flavour thanks to a sprinkling fresh herbs. Perfect as a quick appetiser or after-school snack, you'll have a hard time keeping hands away from a cheese stretch as good as this.
Play Video: 30-Minute Pizza Pasta Bake
Have a steamy bowl of this cheesy pasta bake in your hands in just half an hour. Packed full of pepperoni and some hidden veggies, this recipe is a real people-pleaser.
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