Why does my cake have a dome?


Find out why your cake has a dome, hump or bump in the centre. Find out how to avoid domed cakes and bake a cake with a flat top. Also find out how to fix your cake that has a dome.

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Why does my cake have a dome?

Does your cake have a dome, hump or bump? Find out why it has a dome, and how you can avoid this to get a nice flat cake every time. If you want to know how to fix a domed cake that you've already baked, we have tips for that too!

A cake may have a dome for two reasons:

1. The cake pan is heating up much faster than the rest of the cake. This causes the edges to set before the cake has risen fully, and as the rest of the cake cooks the centre rises and creates a dome. To stop your cake from doming, line the outsides of your cake tin with a double layer of foil. Simply take long strips of foil, fold them to the height of your cake pan and wrap around the outside. The extra foil slows down the heating of the pan, so the cake batter at the edges won’t cook as quickly.

2. The cake tin is too small. This will cause your cake to dome and crack. Use a cake pan that matches what is stated in the recipe, or switch to a larger pan.

How do I fix my cake with a dome?

If your cake has a dome it is still completely fine to eat and you can enjoy it as is.

If you need a flat cake, wait until it is fully cooled then slice off the dome using a long serrated knife. Decorate the cake with icing.

Alternatively, if you are making a layer cake, flip the top layer of cake so the flat bottom is facing up. This will only work if the dome isn't too high. Decorate with icing and your cake will appear nice and even.

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