5 foodie gifts to celebrate Christmas in July

Christmas in July is the perfect time to pull out all your favourite Christmas recipe treats to gift and spoil your family and friends. These five easy recipes are easy Christmas in July gifts.

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5 foodie Christmas in July gift ideas

At Christmas time, exchanging gifts is a joyful occasion for everyone involved. For foodies, these Christmas in July gift ideas are the perfect way to spoil friends and family and bring some of that giving spirit to the middle of the year. 

These Christmas in July gift ideas are small and easily shareable so you can spread the Christmas joy around.

When you bring out these classic Christmas treats like fruitcake, white Christmas and rum balls, you'll practically hear Santa jingling away in the distance...

Rum Balls

Get the recipe: Rum Balls

Smooth, chocolatey truffles with a hint of rum are fantastic gifts that don't require any baking. Simply mix, stir and roll.


Gluten Free Mini Fruitcake with Lemon and Cinnamon Icing

Get the recipe: Gluten Free Mini Fruitcake with Lemon and Cinnamon Icing

Studded with little jewels of fruit and full to the brim with warm winter spices, it's practically a gift to yourself when you fill your home with the smell of these treats in the oven.


White Christmas with Chocolate Craisins and Pistachios

Get the recipe: White Christmas with Chocolate Craisins and Pistachios

This slightly grown-up version of white Christmas uses bright red cranberries and green pistachios for that extra Christmassy feel. Crunchy, tangy, nutty and sweet, this recipe is so easy and satisfying.


Lavender and Vanilla Coconut Ice

Get the recipe: Lavender and Vanilla Coconut Ice

This nostalgic little treat can easily be customised, why not make them red and green with strawberry and mint flavours. These little cubes are great treats to share around the office, they're easy to make and go perfectly with a cuppa.

White Christmas Minty Treats

Get the recipe: White Christmas Minty Treats

These adorable little bites are great for kids and adults alike. If you can't find edible Christmas decorations in July, use red and green jellybeans instead.

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