Traditional white Christmas recipe makeover

Christmas recipes are all about nostalgia. Especially when it comes to edible Christmas gifts. You can make-ahead this traditional white Christmas recipe with two fun recipe twists.

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Traditional white Christmas recipe makeover

There's something reassuring about the traditional recipes that abound during the festive season. Christmas puddings, truffles, gingerbread, mince pies and, of course, a good old fashioned White Christmas slice - these recipes are often passed down and enjoyed through generations. That's why we're bringing out the traditional White Christmas recipe this year, with two modern twists for new ways to enjoy it.

What's in a white Christmas?

The recipe for a traditional White Christmas has remained unchanged for decades. It's familiar, easy and essential to have on offer at Christmas parties, to bring into the office for a festive treat or to make for the kids as edible gifts. So what's in a White Christmas? 

  • Traditional White Christmas is made with rice bubbles, Copha, powdered milk, mixed dried fruit and glace cherries
  • Copha gives White Christmas a lovely silky texture and ensures the slice holds together at room temperature and when gifting.
  • Modern variations may call for white chocolate to be added to the mix. 

How long will white Christmas last?

  • You can keep White Christmas in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. Perfect to make ahead and have ready for any impromptu get togethers or entertaining!

Traditional White Christmas Recipe

GET THE RECIPE: White Christmas

If you're dreaming of a White Christmas, this is the traditional recipe in all its jewelled fruit glory! 

white christmas recipe print

White Christmas Minty Treats

GET THE RECIPE: White Christmas Minty Treats

If there's another treat that's synonymous with Christmas, it's candy canes. These mint-flavoured sweets hang from the tree, get stuck into cards and are given out with sweet abandon during the silly season.

This recipe combines that minty candy cane flavour with White Christmas to make a fresh and fun treat. You can get the edible Christmas decorations from the baking aisle of supermarkets or cake decorating stores, or simply use candy in christmas colours. 

Get your kids involved and enjoy making these white Christmas minty treats for their friends or your festive events.

White Christmas with Chocolate, Craisins and Pistachios

GET THE RECIPE: White Christmas with Chocolate, Crasins and Pistachios

This version of White Christmas is a little more grown-up, with tangy craisins, vibrant green pistachios and some bittersweet dark chocolate.

This White Christmas recipe is just right for office parties and gifting to friends and family.

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