How to choose, store and prepare zucchini

The vibrant green zucchini is super versatile and often available in abundance. Who can pass up a slice of cheesy zucchini slice, crispy zucchini fritters, or fresh zoodle salad? With its buttery texture and slightly sweet taste, it's not wonder it's a favourite ingredient for families.

Discover how to tell what's a good zucchini, how to store zucchinis and how to prepare and cook them.

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How to choose, store and prepare zucchinis

Zucchini has got to be one of our favourite vegetables. It’s such a great all-rounder that’s endlessly versatile. Also called courgette, zucchini has a mild flavour that’s slightly sweet. Delicious whether simply roasted, frittered, baked in a slice, or grated as the ultimate veggie-smuggler – this veg is a winner in our books.

How to choose zucchinis

Choose zucchinis that’s aren’t too long – they can actually grow to 1m in length (and bigger!), but they’re most flavourful when moderate to small in size (12-15cm).

The skin should be without bumps and blemishes, look a bit shiny and feel firm.

When sliced open, a good zucchini will be tender but not mushy, with a colour that’s creamy green, yellow or white. 

How to store zucchinis

  • Store in the fridge in the crisper section. They are best used within four days of purchase (or keep them for nearly a year in the freezer! Learn how to freeze fresh vegetables).
  • Don’t wash them until you’re ready to prepare and eat, as this can age them faster.
  • If they start to look a little wilted or lose some of their brightness, eat as soon as possible.

How to prepare zucchinis

Wash thoroughly in cold water. Slice off the tough stem. The rest of the zucchini is edible and can be chopped, grated or spiralised as the recipe recommends.

If using grated zucchini in a baked dish, squeeze out excess liquid by wrapping in a clean tea towel or cheese cloth and squeezing out the juice.

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