Traditional Christmas food gifts

These traditional Christmas food gifts are easy to make, pack up and give away. Bring the Christmas spirit to your family and friends with these homemade food gifts for Christmas presents, including recipes for White Christmas, fruitcake, rum balls and more.

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Traditional Christmas food gifts

Christmas is the season of giving, and there’s nothing like cooking up a bevy of homemade food gifts for Christmas presents to share with friends and family. 

If you're looking for edible Christmas gifts to make in advance, these traditional Christmas food gift recipes are delicious and easy. Check out the recipes and pictures below, all you have to do is box them up, tie them with a ribbon and you're ready to gift away!


Traditional Christmas food gift ideas

1. Rum balls

Chocolate and rum go together like Santa and his reindeer. This recipe for chocolate truffles is lovely and decadent. 

Coating your rum balls with different toppings like choc sprinkles, coconut and cocoa powder doesn’t take much more effort and makes them look so appealing when you give them away.

Get the recipe: Rum Balls


2. Fruitcake

What is Christmas without a slice of fruitcake? This recipe is for cute mini versions that are easy to bundle up and give away. 

They’re packed to the brim with classic fruit and spice, plus they’re gluten free.

Get the recipe: Gluten Free Mini Fruitcake with Lemon and Cinnamon Icing


3. White and Dark Chocolate Crackles

Put these yummy top-decker treats into festive patty pans and you have an easy sweet that will please big kids and little kids alike. These are great to make with the kids as treats for their friends, too.

Get the recipe: White and Dark Chocolate Crackles


4. Profiteroles

Light and puffy pastry filled with Kahlua-spiked cream, what could be more decadent? These lovely treats make a wonderful gift.

Add different coloured sprinkles on top for a festive feel.

Get the recipe: Kahlua Custard Profiteroles


5. Cupcakes

You can't go wrong with the gift of cupcakes, their size makes them so easy to share and enjoy with friends. These red velvet cupcakes with generous amounts of cream cheese icing are the perfect festive colour for Christmas.

Top them with little Christmas decorations (find them in the the baking section of supermarkets) or silver cabochons to make them extra Christmassy.

Get the recipe: Red Velvet Cupcakes


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