We can't wait to cook eggs using the "envelope" technique


This technique for cooking eggs in a perfect little "envelope" is the latest viral trend! Watch the original viral TikTok and get the break down for how to cook eggs using the envelope technique, plus delicious ideas for eating it.

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We can't wait to cook eggs using the "envelope" technique

If you're a food fanatic, you may have already seen this viral TikTok technique for cooking "envelope" eggs pop up on your feed. If you haven't yet seen it, prepare yourself for possibly the neatest (figuratively and literally) way to cook an egg.

Posted by TikTok user @sunnycusine, it already has over 40 million views and counting. Even with the endless existing ways of cooking eggs (scrambled eggs, fried eggs, poached eggs, boiled eggsomelettes...) it just proves the internet's undying love for eggs, and discovering new ways of cooking them!

How to cook eggs with the "envelope" technique

You've seen how to do it, but here are some extra little tips to help you get it right.

1. Separate the egg

Crack your egg and separate the whites from the yolk either using your hand or an egg separating tool, and place each part of the egg into a separate small bowl or dish.

2. Preheat your pan

Preheat a small non-stick frying pan or wok over medium-high heat. In the original TikTok they don't use oil, but you can add a few drops to ensure the white doesn't stick.

3. Pour in the egg white

Slip the egg white into the pan, the pan should be hot enough that it sizzles a little and almost immediately begins to turn opaque. Swirl the pan to spread out the egg, and cook until the edges just start to lift from the pan - this will help you in the folding stage.

4. Gently place the egg yolk

It's vital to be gentle in this step to ensure the yolk doesn't break. Place the bowl as close to the pan as possible when you tip out the yolk.

5. Fold the white

It will be hot, use a silicon spatula or tongs to help lift the edges of the white and fold it over the yolk into a neat, square shaped parcel.

6. Flip and serve

Flip your perfect little egg envelope over so it stays shut, and that's it!

What to do with "envelope" eggs

The perfect envelope egg has the same appeal as a lava cake. What looks like an unassuming parcel is cut open to reveal a flowing river of goodness. Just check out this video of an envelope egg being cut open. (Non-stick pan users beware - don't use metal cutlery in your pan like this video!)

So what are some good ways to eat an envelope egg?

  • Put one (or two, or more) into an epic bacon and egg sandwich
  • Use it anywhere you'd use a poached or fried egg, e.g. Instant Ramen Carbonara, on Vegetable Fritters or on a Smashed Avo
  • Try sprinkling herbs, sauteed veggies, bacon, cheese or other toppings into the parcel with the yolk
  • Make your egg parcel, wrap it in prosciutto, then lettuce leaves and then a bread wrap for the ultimate parcel
  • Simply put the whole thing in your mouth and enjoy an eggy explosion

More ways to cook eggs

Let's go back to basics with these easy ways to cook eggs.

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Egg recipe ideas

You could definitely substitute an envelope egg for the poached and fried eggs in these recipes!

Get the recipe: Ramen Carbonara

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