Prawn Buddha Bowl

Prawn Buddha Bowl Recipe
Recipe by: De Costi Seafoods
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Prep:  20 minutes
Cook:  3-4 minutes
Serves:  2

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Prawn Buddha Bowl
To Serve
  1. Heat oil, in a non-stick fry pan over a medium high heat and add De Costi prawns to the pan. Cook Prawns 3-4 minutes browning well. Keep Warm
  2. To prepare bowl: Place 2 cups of the hot brown rice & quinoa into the centre of each bowl. Arrange the steamed vegetables around the edges of the bowl
  3. Divide the hot cooked Lemon Prawns evenly between the bowls arranging them in the centre of the bowl
To Serve
  1. Drizzle with a little sweet chilli sauce, chopped peanuts, pickled ginger, lemon wedges and shredded carrot
Tips & Hints:
  • A Buddha bowl or belly bowl is a great way to enjoy eating healthy. DeCosti has a range of easy to prepare fish, prawns and seafood that makes creating your own Buddha bowl everyday a simple task.

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