7 hot pudding recipes


These easy hot pudding recipes will satisfy your sweet tooth and warm you from head to toe. They're great winter dessert recipes including favourites like self saucing puddings, bread and butter puddings and sticky date pudding. You'll want to add these recipes to your cookbook!

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7 hot pudding recipes

Hot pudding recipes are a must-have for winter dinners and dinner parties. There's something about rounding off a meal with a hot, baked pudding that is just so comforting.

Below are classic recipes like sticky date pudding with hot toffee sauce, self saucing puddings, chocolate puddings and more which will leave you and the fam warm and happy.

Caramel Self Saucing Pudding

Get the recipe: Caramel Self Saucing Pudding recipe

The picture of this stunning pudding practically says it all... fluffy vanilla sponge with a gorgeous caramel sauce. It's a beautiful dessert that's so simple to make.

Baked Ricotta and Raspberry Puddings

Get the recipe: Baked Ricotta and Raspberry Puddings

Creamy ricotta and rich almond meal give these easy little puddings a decadent texture and flavour, and the raspberries add a pop of fruitiness that works perfectly.

Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding

Get the recipe: Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding

Rich and chocolatey with an ooey, gooey sauce. Chocolate puddings are a classic winter dessert, this recipe is conveniently cooked in a microwave and it's so delicious.

Choc-Orange Bread and Butter Pudding

Get the recipe: Choc-Orange Bread and Butter Pudding

Using brioche for this Jaffa-flavoured bread and butter pudding makes it extra rich and oh-so-delicious. Try this version of the classic and you may be converted for life.

Jammy Puddings

Get the recipe: Jammy Puddings

Fluffy vanilla and almond sponge topped with glossy strawberry jam. These cute puddings go especially well with some homemade custard.

Lemon Delicious

Get the recipe: Lemon Delicious

If you like a bit of zing in your dessert, Lemon Delicious is always a good choice. Put those winter lemons to use in these magic little puddings that are fluffy on top and saucy on the bottom.

Sticky Date Pudding

Get the recipe: Sticky Date Pudding

Date add a rich, sticky sweetness to puddings that can't be replicated. Topped with a hot caramel sauce and ice cream, it's dessert heaven.

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