Homemade Indian side dishes for dinner

Complete your Indian feast with these popular Indian side dishes! They're authentic and easy, and go well with almost any curry. Get tips on recipes that are best to pair them with. 

In partnership and featuring recipes from Passage to India.

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Indian sides for dinner

No Indian feast is complete until there's a side to go along with it! Fluffy basmati rice is a classic option, but if you're looking for something different then these three options may be what you're looking for. Watch and learn how to make authentic Indian roti, turmeric coconut rice and cucumber raita from scratch below.

How to make roti

When these hot flatbreads come out of the pan, there's no doubt that they're worth the extra effort it takes to make them. The smell of fresh bread brushed in glossy ghee is irresistible. Plus, they only require 5 ingredients which you probably already have on hand. 

Get the recipe: Homemade Indian Roti

Roti are a staple side for most curries, they're perfect for soaking up the sauce or wrapping up chunks of meat and vegetables. Try making them and serving with these recipes.

Yellow rice recipe

Turmeric lends its bright yellow colour to this side, and coconut gives it an amazing richness. If you want to level up your usual basmati rice, put this easy option on the list. Check out the tips in the recipe to find out how to cook this rice in the microwave too.

Get the recipe: Turmeric Coconut Rice

So fragrant and delicious even on its own, when you pair this rice with any curry it takes it to the next level. It's easy enough to make on a weeknight or pair with a lamb curry for a show-stopping meal.

Authentic raita recipe

If you've found yourself in hot curry, this cooling classic will cool down the situation in an instant. Creamy yoghurt, cooling mint and cucumber make the ultimate tool for putting out the fire, and the contrast of warming spices and refreshing raita makes any hot curry so moreish. 

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Keep your cool by serving this fresh raita with the following bold and spicy curries.


More curry recipes

Check out more curry recipes below, or click to discover curries from around the world. Passage to India's curry pastes are full of authentic spices that make it convenient and easy to cook your favourite curries at home. Learn more about their new curry paste range.




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