How to strip herbs fast

It can take a lot of time to individually pick the leaves off a whole bunch of parsley, coriander or basil! This is where this easy herb stripping hack comes in handy. Watch how to do it and get extra tips below.

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How to strip herbs fast

This is the quickest way to de-stem herbs like basil, coriander, parsley, mint and even thyme - no special tools needed! Watch the video below to see how easy it is.



Herb stripping tips

Try different kitchen tools

Any tool with holes such as a grater, colander or even slotted spoon can be used for this hack. For herbs with larger leaves like basil and parley, use something with larger holes. For smaller herbs such as thyme, experiment using the smaller holes.

Pull firmly

Giving the herbs a good tug will help the leaves come right off. For the best success, now is not the time to take it slow and steady!

Don't toss the stems

Soft green stems on herbs like parsley, coriander and basil are full of great flavour. Collect the stems and freeze them, these can then be chopped and added to curries, stews or used in stocks. Woody stems on rosemary and thyme can be composted.

What to do with leftover herbs

If you've only used half the bunch of herbs for your recipe and you have extra on your hands, try these easy tips for using leftover herbs in tasty ways.

Recipes with lots of herbs

Check out more herby inspiration with the recipes below. Whip up a classic basil pesto, freshen up a salad or add extra flavour to your next pasta with these ideas.

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