The best way to store cucumbers


The best way to store cucumbers may not be what you think! Find out how to keep cucumbers fresh for longer, how to choose them and get great cucumber recipes.

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Best way to store cucumbers

Who can resist the fresh crunch and refreshing taste of cucumbers! In sandwiches, salads as crudites or even in a cocktail, they're versatile and delicious, especially fresh and crisp from the fridge. But according to current thinking, we’ve been storing cucumbers in the wrong place. What the food? Find out how to choose a cucumber, plus the best way to store cucumbers so that they stay fresh for longer. Plus get great recipes to try them in.

How to choose a cucumber

  • Choose a cucumber without blemishes, soft spots or yellowness. This can indicate they have started to rot. Look for a cucumber with dark green colouring that is firm all over.
  • Avoid any cucumbers that are floppy or have wrinkles, this shows the have been stored for too long at high temperatures and have lost their moisture.

Best place to store cucumbers

Surprisingly, cucumbers should be stored at room temperature – not in the fridge. When stored at room temperature, cucumbers last much longer. When stored in the fridge they are prone to pitting, becoming water-soaked and accelerated decay. If you wish to chill your cucumber, limit to no more than 3 days. 
If your cucumber is shrink-wrapped plastic, only remove the plastic when you want to use it. The plastic prevents it from dehydrating or spoiling for much longer. Remember to wash your cucumber before using it.
Also, note that cucumbers are highly sensitive to ethylene, a natural gas that causes certain foods to ripen very quickly. So, when keeping your cucumbers on the counter, keep them away from bananas, tomatoes and melons, which all produce lots of ethylene.

Recipes and ideas with cucumbers

There's more to cucumbers than greek salads and veggie sticks (though these are great ideas). Discover plenty more cucumber recipes below.

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