Prep:  20 min
Cook:  30 min
Serves:  4
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Recipe by: Australian Eggs
Easy fish cakes recipe that uses trout which can also be substituted for salmon.

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Smoked Trout Patties with Soft Boiled Egg and Cucumber, Dill and Caper Salad
Smoked Trout Patties
Soft Boiled Egg and Cucumber, Dill and Caper Salad
Smoked Trout Patties
  1. Peel and boil potatoes until cooked. Drain well and mash
  2. Flake the smoked trout into the mash and season. Separate two eggs, adding the egg yolks and chives to the mash mix. Keep the egg whites for crumbing
  3. Mix well and form into eight patties
  4. Roll patties in flour, lightly whisked egg whites and bread crumbs then set aside
  5. Soft boil the eggs, refresh under running water and peel. Cut eggs in half and set aside
  6. Add oil to frying pan and heat. Gently fry patties on both sides
  7. Place patties onto a plate, serving with boiled egg and garnish with cucumber salad
Tips & Hints:
  • Please note that smoked trout can be substituted for smoked salmon
Soft Boiled Egg and Cucumber, Dill and Caper Salad
  1. Combine all salad ingredients, checking seasoning and adjusting if necessary
Tips & Hints:
  • Very fresh eggs can be difficult to peel. To ensure easily peeled eggs, buy and refrigerate them a week to 10 days in advance of cooking. This brief "breather" allows the eggs time to take in air, which helps separate the membranes from the shell.
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