Alternative to turkey for Christmas dinner

Looking for an alternative to turkey this Christmas? We got you. Here are Christmas dinner ideas including crispy rolled pork with best crackling, stuffed roast chicken, roast lamb as well as vegetarian mains. 

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Alternative to turkey for Christmas dinner

It's getting ever closer to Christmas day and you may not have ordered your turkey yet. Maybe you're thinking what can I make instead of turkey? If you're after an alternative to turkey for Christmas dinner, here's some tasty dinner ideas that will help save Christmas, including tasty vegetarian main recipes.

What can I make instead of Turkey? 

So you've roasted a turkey or served up a rolled turkey breast for the past few years and it's time for a change. These days we're spoilt for choice when it comes to an alternative to turkey. Here are a few ideas to help get your Christmas menu sorted.

  • Chicken: Roasting a chicken is an easy, more cost-effective swap for turkey. If you have an extended family to feed, you may need to consider roasting two chooks at the same time. The other benefits of a roast chicken is that it take less time to cook and isn't as prone to drying out. Otherwise you can stuff it and glaze it as you would a turkey.
  • Pork: Increasingly rolled pork is appearing on Christmas tables. It makes an impressive centrepiece especially with a crown of crisp, salty crackling. You may need to order your pork loin from your butcher ahead if you want it boned and scored. 
  • Lamb: We love our lamb and roast lamb at Christmas, studded with garlic and herbs, is an easy and satisfying addition to the festive menu. 
  • Salmon: Whether you're a pescatarian or just looking for a lighter menu item, salmon makes the perfect turkey alternative. You can cure a side of salmon if you're organised or bake or bbq the salmon with a delicious herb crust. 
  • Ham: A glazed ham is another easy and delicious festive main. Plus it provides the best leftovers (if there are any). Who doesn't love leftover ham toasties for boxing day? 
  • Vegetarian: If you're vegetarian or a member of the family is, don't fret. There are lots of bright festive and filling choices that everyone will enjoy eating including a stunning tart or a hearty protein-packed salad.

GET THE RECIPE: Vegetable Tart with Mixed Beet Salad

This pretty vegetable tart is as easy to prepare as it is to eat. The base is made with frozen shortcrust pastry sheets, then fill it with a delicious mixture of eggs, ricotta and greens including asparagus, peas and broad beans. The beet salad takes it to a new level for the festive table.

GET THE RECIPE: Crispy Rolled Pork with Easy Herb Stuffing

This is the best roast pork crackling recipe and the easy bread stuffing is so tasty, especially the crisp bits on the ends. The step by step video will help ensure you get the best crackling on your roast pork loin.

GET THE RECIPE: Chicken and Pork Terrine with Egg Centre

This terrine is a great make-ahead option so that on Christmas day all you have to do is slice and serve. 

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