Edible Christmas gift ideas

These edible Christmas gift ideas are a wonderful way to spread the Christmas spirit to family and friends. Get lots of unique edible gift ideas, plus easy recipes to make at home.

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Edible Christmas gifts idea inspiration

As we creep closer and closer to Christmas Day, it’s time to start planning your Christmas menu, stringing up the lights and writing out your wish list. This year, why not make the festive season sweeter with these unique edible Christmas gifts.
For very little time and for not much money, you can whip up stunning and delicious edible gifts that are guaranteed to impress. Plus, the effort you go into with these treats will be truly appreciated by all. After all, who can resist a little treat during the holidays?
Edible gifts in jars and beautifully packaged treats are always welcome at Christmas. It’s a more personal, and cost-effective way of giving and showing friends and family you care. Check out this quick guide on what you can make for gifting.
Edible Christmas Gifts
  • Sauces and Condiments
    Homemade condiments and sauces are a lovely touch to any meal. That’s why a thoughtfully chosen homemade condiment or sauce makes for a wonderful gift. Packaged in a pretty jar, the receiver can then keep the delicious sauce in their fridge to enjoy for days or weeks. If your sauce or condiment has any serving instructions be sure to include this on the jar.
  • Flavoured oils and spice rubs
    Homemade spice mixes and oils are the perfect gift for any passionate home cook and foodie in your life. They are very quick to pull together and so versatile. Choose different oils, spices and flavours you like and package them up in gorgeous jars and bottles, ready to gift.
  • Flavoured alcohol and cordial
    If you decide to brew or gift your own drinkable concoctions, be sure to sterilise the bottles. Again, stylish bottles make your gift effortlessly beautiful and you can also wrap some ribbon around the top for an extra festive touch.
  • Cookies, sweets and chocolates
    Who doesn’t love delicious rum balls, gingerbread cookies or shortbread. They are a Christmas necessity and also make gorgeous gifts. As a bonus, lots of these recipes can be made and frozen in the weeks ahead. Don’t forget to make extra for yourself!
Edible Christmas gift recipes
Play Video: White Christmas
This traditional Christmas recipe is always a winning gift, and the Copha ensures that it stays together while you're giving it out around town.
Play Video: Gingerbread Star Trees
Go all out in flavour and presentation when you bake up these easy gingerbread star trees. They make a great addition to a gingerbread house.
Play Video: White Crackle Snowmen
Possibly the cutest Christmas treat you can make, these truffle-filled white crackle snowmen are totally delightful.
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