Plan your Christmas menu


Use this checklist of courses and ideas if you need to know how to plan your Christmas menu. This helpful list includes plenty of great ideas for an Australian Christmas.

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Plan your Christmas menu

As we creep closer and closer to Christmas it’s now the time to start your planning and preparation for the big day. Especially when it comes to the food, since Christmas Day in most households is usually planned around the food. No matter how many people you’re hosting, ensuring your Christmas menu is planned and ready to go will make your day a lot easier.

When you’re planning your menu, think about each of these categories and how much food you'll need for each of them.

Christmas menu courses


Some small bites and finger foods will keep your guests entertained before the main event. It’s best to have these made ahead so you can focus on the mains. 

Starters or entrees

Entrees can be easy if they're made ahead, and these recipes work well for a hot Aussie Christmas:


Traditional Christmas feasts feature turkey and ham, but why not try one of these festive options:

Side dishes

When you’re serving up mains, at least a couple of sides are essential. Try mixing up these classic and modern sides: 


Make the most of our gorgeous selection of Australian summer produce with these salad ideas:

Christmas desserts

Christmas pudding with custard is a symbol of Christmas festivities, as is a towering trifle. Try these cooling desserts that are great for the Australian summer:


Make your job as a host easier by making a big bowl of punch with summer fruits or jugs of easy cocktails for a crowd. 

If you’re looking for Christmas recipe inspiration, below includes an array of easy and delicious festive recipes perfect for Christmas Day.

Get the recipe: Chicken and Pork Terrine with Egg Centre 

This terrine can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days, making it a great make-ahead recipe for summer entertaining.

Get the recipe: Sticky Asian Pork Belly with Plums

If you want to try something different, this pork belly with crunchy crackling and sticky plum sauce makes a stunning main.

Get the recipe: White Forest Crackle Cheesecake Log

This creamy and crunchy cheesecake log with cherries and white chocolate is a fantastic chilled dessert to make for a hot summer Christmas.

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