Healthy Christmas Menu Plan & Recipes

If you're trying to be healthier, this Christmas menu plan is for you. These healthy Christmas recipes are full of whole foods and better-for-you ingredients, plus we help you with all the steps to be prepared on Christmas day. Enjoy BBQ prawns, fresh salads and a raw food cheesecake with this healthy Christmas menu.

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Healthy Christmas Menu Plan

Making a Christmas meal for lots of people can be a juggle, let alone when you or your guests are trying to keep a healthier lifestyle. This healthier Christmas menu is full of healthier recipes with whole foods and better-for-you ingredients. Get the recipes and menu timeline to make your Christmas easy.
This menu will feed 4-6 people, please adjust recipes to accommodate your number of guests. We recommend reading the plan and each recipe at least one week before Christmas to be fully prepared. See the full menu and plan below.
Healthy Christmas Menu
Get the healthy Christmas recipes:
Healthy Christmas menu timeline
One week before Christmas
  • Order or buy ingredients for Sweet Potato and Pecan Pies and Avocado Cheesecake on 21st December.
  • Order meat and fresh produce, groceries for delivery or pick up for 22nd December.
  • Order seafood for delivery or pick up for 23rd December.
TIPS: How to store seafood. How to store herbs. Refrigerate all fresh produce, meats and chilled grocery items immediately.
Three days before Christmas (22nd of December)
  • Make Avocado Cheesecake. Cover well and refrigerate.
  • Make pastry and steam sweet potatoes for Sweet Potato and Pecan Pies.
Two days before Christmas (23rd of December)
  • Make mustard, parsley and garlic butter for the Whole Roast Eye Fillet. Refrigerate.
  • Make Sweet Potato and Pecan Pies and bake. Cool completely and refrigerate in sealed container.
  • Make salad dressing for Grilled Yellow Nectarine Salad. Pick fresh herbs but do not add to dressing.
  • Trim beef fillet of sinew and truss. Cover well and refrigerate.
  • Cut up and prepare vegetable sticks for Crispy Bake Vegetable Soldiers, refrigerate in container. Crush corn chips and place in sealed zip lock bag with herbs, ready for coating.
One day before Christmas (24th of December)
  • Boil potatoes for Crispy Smashed Potatoes. Smash while still warm. Place in a sealed container and refrigerate.
  • Roast mushrooms, sweet potato and kale for Roast Mushroom and Kale Salad. Cook rice and quinoa. Place into a sealable container and refrigerate.
  • Slice nectarines for Grilled Yellow Nectarine Salad and refrigerate.
  • Prepare prawns for BBQ Aussie Prawns. Place in a clean airtight container. Cover with damp paper towel and refrigerate.
  • Peel and chop prawns for Avocado, Mango and Chilli Prawn Cups. Separate cos lettuce leaves. Prepare mango, chilli, cucumber. Place in sealable container and refrigerate.
  • Make green mayonnaise for Fennel, Apple and Cabbage Slaw. Refrigerate. Toast pecans.
Christmas Day
  • Coat vegetable soldiers and roast in oven. Serve room temp.
  • Finish Avocado, Mango and Chilli Prawn cups recipe and serve.
  • Sear beef fillet and roast in oven. Allow enough time for meat to rest. Serve warm or room temp with mustard, parsley and garlic butter.
  • Finish Crispy Smashed Potato recipe and serve hot.
  • Slice and shred apple, fennel and cabbage. Assemble salad and dress with green mayonnaise and toasted pecans just before serving.
  • Combine roasted mushroom, sweet potato and kale with cooked rice and quinoa. Place onto a serving platter and dress salad.
  • Grill nectarines for nectarine salad and combine. Arrange onto a platter and drizzle over dressing just before serving.
  • BBQ prawns just before serving.
  • Remove Avocado Cheesecake from tin and transfer to serving plate. Garnish with fresh fruit and lime zest. Serve slices.
  • Whip cream for Sweet Potato and Pecan Pies. Serve with maple syrup.
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