Homemade Christmas food gift recipes

Give the gift of food this Christmas! These tips and recipe ideas make it so easy for you to choose something to make and give to your friends and family during the holidays.

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Homemade Christmas food gifts

For a personal touch, you can’t beat homemade. Instead of buying all your Christmas presents, give a delicious gift that you’ve cooked, baked or prepared. Making the effort shows that you care. 
When it comes to gifts, they say it’s the thought that counts and that’s especially true at Christmas time. And if the thought gets you points, effort will also go a long way. Show someone you care by making them a delicious treat instead of buying something they don't need. 
An edible gift can also be your calling card. Whether it’s rocky road, White Christmas or a jar of epic chocolate chip cookies, make a delectable Christmas treat your signature gift so that each year friends, family and colleagues will look forward to it. And when they see it on their kitchen bench or pantry, they’ll think of you and the effort you went to for them. Because making someone feel special is the greatest gift of all.  
Follow our tips to make it easier. 
1. Keep the weather in mind
Choose recipes that will hold up at room temperature and won’t spoil if they’re not refrigerated. An Australian Christmas is usually a hot one, so avoid anything that has a tendency to melt. 
Good options include shortbread, gingerbread, jams or chutneys, fruit cakes and certain slices (those made with Copha are ideal, as it’s shelf-stable at room temperature.) You can also opt for spiced nuts, meringues and fruit mince pies. 
An added benefit of these dishes is that they can be made in bulk, can be done in advance and will keep at least a few weeks before Christmas. If they last that long! 
2. Check allergies
Giving a gift of rocky road isn’t a great idea if the recipient is allergic to peanuts, so find out if there are any allergies such as nuts or gluten before deciding on your recipe. 
A lot of recipes leave room to experiment, so you can substitute ingredients to suit.
3. All wrapped up
You want to give as much thought to your packaging as your product, so it lasts the distance. Wrap biscuits, cakes and slices in baking paper first before placing them in a container. This will help to protect them from drying out and they will last longer. 
Bamboo boxes are a sustainable form of packaging and great for sticky treats such as slices or chocolate. 
Keep all your jars and wash well in warm, soapy water. Place into a low oven (160°C) for 20 minutes then cool completely before adding jams, pastes or sauces.
Christmas gift recipes
Now, when it comes to getting a gift for the person who has everything, you know what to do. Cooking for someone is a sign of love. Receiving a lovingly homemade treat makes people feel special. And that’s what Christmas giving is all about. The recipes below make great gifts, choose your favourites and start gifting.
Play Video: Three Ingredient Buttery Shortbread
These shortbreads will keep for up to five days if they're unfilled or two days if they're filled with passionfruit butter.
Play Video: White Christmas Forest Platter
These trees would make a great gift if decorated with a star on top and wrapped individually in cellophane.
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