What to do with leftover pastry from a pie maker

Whether you're making a pie maker pie or baking one in the oven, deciding what to do with the leftover pastry is a common dilemma. Here are some ideas to use up any extra pastry in yummy ways!

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What to do with leftover pastry

When making pie maker pies or traditional baked pies, never get stuck with what to do with the leftover pastry again! These yummy ideas ensure nothing goes to waste and every bit of pastry gets used up.
Did you know there's also a way to avoid leftover pastry when making pie maker pies? Learn the fold over method for pie makers.
Join pastry pieces together
This works best for shortcrust pastry. Overlap the edges and re-roll with a rolling pin. Cut out for use as pie tops or use as a base of fruit tarts or quiches.
Or, ball up off-cuts and use a pasta machine to roll to exact thickness. Reuse for pies or make other pastry treats. The pastry may be tougher when re-rolled, so try to work it as little as possible.
Note: This technique doesn't work well for puff pastry as it crushes the pastry layers.
Make pastry decorations
Use small off-cuts to make pastry garnishes such as stars, leaves and hearts for the tops of pies. This is handy to differentiate between fillings.
Make mini apple turnovers
This works well with puff pastry. Fill triangles of pastry with canned pie apple and bake in the pie maker. You can also use any leftover pie filling, jam, cheese or Nutella. Get creative!
Easy crispy snacks
Simply bake pastry scraps dusted with sugar until golden and puffed. Sandwich together with jam and whipped cream.
For a savoury version, brush with oil or butter and sprinkle with parmesan, paprika, cumin or your favourite spices then bake until golden. Eat as is, or enjoy with dip.
Make puff pastry scrolls
Join edges of puff pastry scraps together (edge to edge) and gently roll out. For cinnamon scrolls, mix equal parts butter and brown sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon and spread over pastry. For pizza scrolls, add pieces of pepperoni and pizza cheese. Roll up into a cylinder and cut into scrolls. Cook in pie-maker until golden and pastry is cooked through.
There you have it! Super yummy ideas with excess pastry. Don't forget to check out the fold over method for pies, and see more pie maker recipes below.
Play Video: Pie Maker Pizza Scrolls
The pie maker isn't limited to pies, these yummy pizza scrolls cook perfectly in it and kids love them. They also freeze really well!
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