White Christmas slice

The classic white Christmas slice is a must-have at any Australian Christmas celebration. The traditional white Christmas recipe is quick and easy to make, no-bake and can be made in advance. Get the recipe for white Christmas slice here and get cooking!

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White Christmas slice

A spread of Christmas treats isn’t complete without some White Christmas slice. It’s creamy yet crunchy and sprinkled throughout with beautiful dried fruits. One piece is never enough! It’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular Christmas slice recipes in Australia.

The traditional recipe for white Christmas is very easy, and only takes 30 minutes. It’s a no-bake recipe, so it’s great to make as a gift, or to make with the kids as a fun Christmas activity.

This traditional recipe is made with Copha, which binds the ingredients and keeps the slice together even out of the fridge. This ensures a wonderfully crunchy slice that doesn’t crumble away when you bite into it.

Recipe for white Christmas Slice


250g Copha
3 cups Kellogg's Rice Bubbles
1 cup desiccated coconut
3/4 cup icing sugar, sifted
1 cup powdered milk
1 cup packaged, dried mixed fruit
Glace cherries for topping


  1. Combine dry ingredients in a mixing bowl
  2. Melt Copha slowly over low heat. Cool slightly, pour onto dry ingredients. Mix well
  3. Working quickly, spoon into paper patty cases or press into a lamington tin
  4. Freeze until set (about 15 minutes), then store in the refrigerator
  5. Cut into fingers, top with glace cherries and serve.


Click for the full recipe that you can save to your personal cookbook: White Christmas Slice

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More white Christmas baking ideas

The great thing about White Christmas is that it’s easy to customise depending on what flavours and fillings you enjoy. 

Here are two more ways to make white Christmas, one with mint for a candy-cane inspired twist and one with craisins and pistachios to really bring out the Christmas colours.


White Christmas Minty Treats

Get the recipe: White Christmas Minty Treats

This minty version of white Christmas is dolloped into pans, but you can make it as a slice if you prefer. The little individual servings are extra fun for kids to decorate.


White Christmas with Chocolate, Craisins and Pistachios

Get the recipe: White Christmas with Chocolate, Crasins and Pistachios

This slightly more refined take on white Christmas has a great tang from the craisins, dark chocolate to balance the sweetness and pistachios for a nutty crunch. This version would be just right to take to the office.


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