3 ideas with one Pad Thai sauce

Make three easy dinner ideas with one Pad Thai sauce. Classic Pad Thai with chicken and prawns, healthier Pad Thai with tofu and greens, or Pad Thai with turkey meatballs. All these ideas are quick and budget-friendly, make dinner easy with Passage to Asia Pad Thai Stir-fry Sauce.

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3 Pad Thai ideas with one stir-fry sauce

Pad Thai, the famous stir-fried noodle dish from Thailand, has made its way firmly into the hearts of families around Australia. Its moreish sauce with savoury, sweet and sour flavours is what makes it so popular for takeout, but did you know you can easily make it at home in as little as 30 minutes? 

These three easy and budget-friendly Pad Thai recipes are ideal for whipping up a quick meal for the family. They're all made with Passage to Asia Pad Thai Stir-fry Sauce, which is crafted with authentic ingredients for that true Pad Thai flavour in an easy to use pouch. Take your pick from classic Chicken and Prawn Pad Thai, healthier Tofu and Green Vegetable Pad Thai and easy Turkey Meatball Pad Thai - or try them all!

Classic Chicken and Prawn Pad Thai

Get the full recipe: Chicken and Prawn Pad Thai

When you make this classic version of Pad Thai with Passage to Asia Pad Thai Stir-fry sauce, it’s as good as any restaurant. So simple to make and ready in just 40 minutes.

Easy Turkey Meatball Pad Thai

Get the full recipe: Easy Turkey Meatball Pad Thai

​Once you try this twist on Pad Thai you’ll start wondering what else you can add meatballs to! Some of the Passage to Asia Stir-Fry Sauce is mixed right into the mince for the meatballs, adding delicious flavour. This recipe only takes 30 minutes.

Healthier Tofu and Green Vegetable Pad Thai

Get the full recipe: Tofu and Green Vegetable Pad Thai

Boost the health cred of your Pad Thai with protein-rich tofu and lots of fresh broccolini, sugar snap peas and snow peas. Optional red chilli adds colour and something for the spice lovers.



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