Dinner ideas for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Make the start of the week simple with these quick and easy dinner ideas for Monday to Wednesday.

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Dinner ideas for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Starting the week off with a little bit of meal organisation can have a huge impact. As the week progresses things seem to get busier and busier, so a few ideas in your pocket will keep you ahead of the curve. The best place to start with meal planning is by securing dinner ideas for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This way, the rest of the week can be a little more relaxed with leftovers and pantry staples.

These simple and time-saving ideas are popular with everyone at the dinner table. Once you’ve found recipes that work for you, save them in your own personal cookbooks on myfoodbook, that way you will always have a few go-to dinner ideas for the week ahead.


These no-fuss, zippy recipe ideas work wonderfully for the start of a busy week. Keep it fresh and light with a wholesome salad, or toss together a speedy stir-fry.


These simple weeknight wonders and one-pan ideas are quick to clean up, and any leftovers from these meals are great for using in sandwiches or pies.


Get over hump day with ready-made pizza bases to make dinner super quick, or try an easy bake that you can pop in the oven and let it do the work.

More speedy recipe ideas

Check out even more meals to kick-start your week below! 

GET THE RECIPE: Chilli Con Carne

This easy-as meal uses a handful of pantry staples and mince to quickly put a hearty dinner on the table.

GET THE RECIPE: Thai Red Curry Chicken Noodles

These speedy noodles give you lots of flavour in record time thanks to ready-made curry sauce.

GET THE RECIPE: Indian Curried Fried Egg Open Naan

When you need a quicker-than-quick idea, you can whip up this easy meal using what you have in the pantry.

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