Feeding the masses: what to cook for large gatherings

These easy ideas mean you'll never be caught out when you're trying to feed a group! Keep your time in the kitchen to a minimum when you serve these crowd-pleasing ideas.

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What to cook for a crowd

Be it a long lunch with a big group of friends, a meal with the extended family or a dinner party for a large group, feeding the masses can be a challenge for the person on cooking duties. But, rather than spending all day at the stove whipping up a wide variety of foods, you can pick a couple of delicious and substantial dishes to serve alongside salads and bread at your table.
When feeding the masses, think big: pastas, one-pot dishes, and food that is perfect for sharing amongst many. Frittatas and slices that are easily divided can be handy for any occasion, as can hearty salads and large bakes. Here, we’ve put together a round-up of crowd-pleasing favourites for feeding the masses, with minimal effort and maximum satisfaction.
Tempt taste buds with these warming, filling and nourishing meals. Try them at your next gathering, your guests will be running back for more!
Play Video: Rosella Classic Bologenese
You can never have too much bolognese sauce! You can easily stretch out the serves with more pasta, and it freezes well if you have leftovers.
Play Video: Korma Marinated Lamb Shoulder with Spinach Lentils
Be the host with the most delicious roast. Shred the shoulder and mix it with the lentils, then use it to fill dinner rolls or naan to feed more people.
Play Video: Potato Gem Shepherd's Pie
A big pie goes far when it comes to feeding lots of people, toss some garlic bread into the oven and add a salad to round it off.
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