How to deseed and slice chillies

Deseeding chillies can help your control how spicy your cooking is. Learn the quick and easy way to deseed chillies on myfoodbook.

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How to deseed a chilli

Fresh chilli doesn’t just add heat to the dish you’re cooking, it also adds a fresh fragrant flavour that's different to just chilli powder or dried chilli. Essential for many Asian dishes, it also adds beautiful colour whether added to the dish or served on the side. Noodles, stir-fries, curries, dipping sauces and even sandwiches like banh mi can be transformed with a touch of chilli.
Since most of the heat comes from the seeds and ribs of the chilli, removing them can help you add more fragrant flavour without blowing the roof off your mouth with heat. Watch and learn this trick to help you deseed chillies in less than 10 seconds!

What you need to deseed chillies

1. Small, sharp knife (the sharper, the better)
2. A teaspoon
3. Chopping board
Optional: gloves
If you’re chopping lots of chillies, gloves can help you avoid getting stained and chilli-infused hands. Otherwise, wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling the chillies to avoid any spicy accidents. Never touch sensitive areas like eyes after handling cut chillies.

Recipes with chilli

Now you know the drill, it's time to spice things up. Check out the recipes below for fresh inspiration for using chilli in your meals!

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