Top 20 recipes of 2020


These are the best dinner and dessert 20 recipes that you loved most in 2020. From cheesy comfort foods to one pan dinners and delicious desserts, find out the trendy recipes everyone cooked in 2020.

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The top 20 recipes of 2020

In the whirlwind of 2020, the kitchen certainly became a haven for home chefs near and far, old and new. For many people, being home more often meant that slow food, comfort food and easy homemade recipes were on the menu - and it's clear from your top 20 recipes. It's never too late to get your fill, take a look at the trendy recipes that were loved the most throughout 2020!


1. Basic Custard recipe

Coming in at number one was total comfort food, this basic custard recipe which is super versatile. Creamy, sweet and nostalgic, it's no wonder this one topped the charts.


2. Pizza Scrolls

Food made from scratch and pie makers were two huge trends, and this recipe brings them together: homemade pizza dough scrolls in a pie maker (or they can be baked in the oven, too).


3. 30-minute Pizza Pasta Bake

Gnocchi baked with all of your favourite pizza toppings and a layer of molten cheese. It's a no brainer!


4. Pancakes 6 ways

Perfectly fluffy homemade pancakes, plus a multitude of ways to top them. Sweet or savoury, take your pick.


5. Chicken and Vegetable Oven Baked Risotto

Creamy, dreamy risotto - no stirring needed. This is comfort food at its best.


All the recipes

Don't miss the others, check out the rest of the top 20 below! Click to get the recipes and watch how to make them.

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