Types of apples in Australia


There are quite a few different types of red and green apples available in Australia! Discover the different varieties, when they're in season and the best ways to eat them including in fantastic recipes and desserts.

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Types of apples in Australia

As the old saying goes – an apple a day keeps the nasties away, and with so many beautiful apple varieties we won't argue with that. Not only are apples good for us but they are the inspiration behind so many classic recipes, and with Aussie apples available almost all year round, it’s always a good time to get cooking!
Think of a sweet and warming apple pie or crumble, a simple apple sauce to accompany crispy pork belly or apple and cinnamon muffins served with a hot cuppa. These recipes are just part of the reason we love cooking with apples and luckily enough, with so many varieties available to us in Australia, there’s an apple perfect for any recipe.

The different varieties of apples

The following types of apples are some of the most common in Australian supermarkets. Find out when these apples are in season, and the best ways to eat them.

Red Delicious Apple
red delicious apple
  • Deep red colouring with faint lenticels (spots).
  • Very sweet flavour works well in flavour applications where there is a contrast e.g. with savoury and salty flavours.
  • Red Delicious are in season in all months except January and December.
  • Best in: Although this apple is great in desserts, the sweet flavour is great in apple slaw served with pork or in a crisp apple salad.
Royal Gala
royal gala apple
  • Soft pink colouring with distinct lenticels (spots).
  • Round variety that is generally smaller than most apples.
  • Royal Gala apples are in season from March to September.
  • Best in: The sweet aromatic flavour and small shape of this variety makes it great for fresh eating or poaching, to be served with morning oats.
Fuji Apple
fuji apple
  • Sweeter flavour than other varieties. Very crisp and juicy.
  • Originated in Japan.
  • Fuji apples are in season from April to October.
  • Best in: Its super sweet flavour is great for eating raw, or using in sauces or salads that will be served with savoury ingredients.
Pink Lady Apple
pink lady apple
  • Blush pink colouring with a slightly yellow top.
  • Also known as a Cripps apple, after John Cripps, a Western Australian farmer. 
  • Pink lady apples are available all months except March and April.
  • Best eaten: Fabulous to eat out of hand, fresh in salads, or sweet and savoury tarts.
Granny Smith Apple
granny smith apple
  • Known for its distinct tangy flavour, it has firm, crisp flesh that holds up well when cooked.
  • This popular variety was cultivated in New South Wales in 1868 and now it's exported around the world. It’s named in honour of Maria Ann Smith, who propagated this variety and took it to market.
  • Granny Smith apples are available all months except March and April.
  • Best in: pies, apple turnovers, sweet desserts, try combining it with other apple varieties for a sweeter result.
Golden Delicious Apple
golden delicious apple
  • Golden in colour with a smooth skin.
  • Golden Delicious apples are in season from March to August
  • Best in: The creamy white flesh of this apple breaks down easily for a great apple sauce.
  • Try using this apple alongside the Red Delicious apple for a visually gorgeous tart or pie.
Jazz Apple

  • Soft pink colouring with a slightly green tinge around the stem of the apple.
  • A fairly new variety, this apple was only brought onto the market in 2009.
  • Sweet and tangy flavour with firm flesh.
  • Jazz apples are in season from April to October.
  • Best in: This apple has a great balance between sweet and tangy, making them great for eating raw. Its firm flesh also holds up well in cooking.
Kanzi Apple

  • A blend of tangy and sweet Braeburn apples with juicy Gala apples.
  • Firm texture with more tangy flavours, similar to the Jazz apple.
  • Kanzi apples are in season from April to November.
  • Best eaten: in hand or cooked. Its flesh naturally stays whiter for longer, making it great for salads.

Different types of Australian apples

How to store apples

The debate between fridge vs fruit bowl really depends on your kitchen conditions. Storing in a fruit bowl is suitable when the conditions are cool and dry. Be careful which other fruits you store it with. For example, you wouldn’t want to store ethylene producing fruits like apples, pears and avocados with ethylene sensitive fruits like bananas.
If you feel your fruit is beginning to over-ripen, put it in the crisper section of your fridge. You will also want to store your apples in the fridge if the temperature is hot to keep them fresh for longer.

Apple recipes

Start with a simple flavour combination like apple and cinnamon or apple and pork and you already have something fabulous. Put these combinations into action with great recipes and you have a winner.

For inspiration on cooking with apples, check out the recipes of take a look at this Apple Recipe Collection. Don't forget you can save these recipes to your own ecookbooks using your free myfoodbook account. Log in to start saving, or if you don't have an account you can register here.

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