What to do with leftover curry paste

Don't let that leftover curry paste in your fridge go to waste! Try these yummy ideas to use up curry paste including salads, sandwiches and curry roasted vegetables.

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What to do with leftover curry paste

These clever ways to use curry paste are super tasty, and they’ll ensure that none of your leftovers go to waste! Depending on how strong your curry paste is, you might need to use more or less in these ideas. Add a little at a time for the best results.

  1. Salad dressing: Add a bit of curry paste to a creamy salad dressing. This works particularly well for pasta or potato salads!
  2. Spicy eggs: Try adding a teaspoon to your next batch of scrambled eggs or egg salad. Try warming up some paste in a pan before cracking eggs on top for curried fried eggs. 
  3. Curry butter: Mix curry paste into butter and use it to baste BBQ meats, seafood and vegetables, or simply melt on top of steak.
  4. Savoury mince: Add some curry paste to your batch of savoury mince or meatball mix.
  5. Roast vegetables: Toss vegetables in oil and a bit of curry paste before roasting.
  6. Crispy curried chickpeas: Coat drained canned chickpeas in a bit of curry paste, oil and salt. Roast at 180°C for about 10 minutes or until crisp for a quick snack. 
  7. Instant noodles: Mix some in to your next batch of packet noodles to bump up the flavour.

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