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15 Jaffle Recipes

Here are your new favourite jaffle recipe ideas. Create sweet or savoury jaffles for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Try the hot apple pie jaffle or an Italian meatballs jaffle for something delicious and different. 

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Traditional Hot Apple Pie Jaffles

Bacon Mac N' Cheese Jaffles

Banana and Ricotta Honey Cream Jaffle

Cheesy Bolognese Jaffles

Baked Bean Jaffles with Cheese, Ham and Shallots

Ham and egg jaffle with zucchini

Hot Apple Pie Jaffle

Hot Chocolate and Custard Jaffle

Wagyu Roast Beef, Radicchio and Creme Fraiche Jaffle

Chocolate and Hazelnut Fondant Jaffle

Avocado, Marinated Feta and Tomato Jaffle

Bacon Butty Jaffle

Chicken, Basil and Almond Jaffle

Chorizo, Potato and Aioli Jaffle

Italian Meatballs, Tomato and Parmesan Jaffle