Dessert sauce recipes

Easy dessert sauce recipes that are great toppings for ice cream, puddings, waffles and more. Get the recipes for chocolate fudge sauce, passionfruit sauce, salted caramel sauce, classic vanilla custard and more.

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5 easy dessert sauce recipes

Is there anything better than drizzling a beautiful sauce over your dessert and feeling the anticipation of taking your first bite? Well... yes, eating the dessert is the best part, but saucing it is definitely a close second!
These sauce recipes are so easy to make and they make any dessert that much better, whether you're looking for rich and chocolatey, fresh and tangy or something in between, there's a sauce here that you'll love.
Chocolate Fudge Sauce
There's something so nostalgic about freshly made hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce. Use quality ingredients to get a thick, glossy and rich sauce with amazing chocolate flavour. So good on a homemade sundae, bread and butter pudding or simply with fresh berries.
Tangy Passionfruit Sauce
This tangy and crunchy sauce only needs three ingredients: passionfruit, sugar and water! It's incredibly easy and versatile. Enjoy it simply on ice cream, stirred into a fruit salad, on your morning toast or make a gorgeous passionfruit eton mess.
Salted Caramel Sauce
This salted caramel sauce is addictively delicious. Enjoy it with golden churros, spooned over crepes, or go all out with a banana split drizzled with Chocolate Fudge Sauce and Salted Caramel Sauce... yum!
Lemon curd
Lemons come into season in both summer and winter, so you can enjoy this zesty sauce even during sweater weather. A batch of lemon curd makes the best of their zingy flavour. Drizzle it on hot waffles with cream, use it to stuff cakes and lemon meringue tarts, or enjoy it on top of a beautiful pav like in this recipe.
Basic Custard
Play Video: Basic Custard Recipe
Last but definitely not least! Custard is a classic sauce or outright dessert on its own. Hot puddings, crumbles and fruit pies aren't complete without a good serve of silky vanilla custard.
Find desserts to enjoy with these sauces below, or click here for more.
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