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Do you peel mushrooms before cooking?

Do you need to peel mushrooms for cooking? And if not, how do you clean mushrooms? We teach you how to prepare mushrooms, and share lots of easy mushroom recipes for you to cook.

Do you peel mushrooms?

Unlike other veg that you would naturally wash under running water or peel the skin away before cooking, mushrooms are quite different.
Due to the soft and porous nature of their flesh, you don’t want to wash mushrooms as they will take on the water content. You also don’t want to peel away their flesh, as the entire mushroom is edible and there is no reason to discard good food!

How to clean mushrooms

Instead of peeling or washing, use a cooking brush with dry bristles or a paper towel to get rid of any light residue on the mushroom. Once you’ve cleaned the mushroom with a brush or paper towel, you can slice according to your preference. In this case, for a flat mushroom, the best way to slice is to cut off the stem, and stand the mushroom up on it’s flat side. Then simply slice lengthways and your mushroom slices are ready to be pan-fried, grilled or added to recipes like Chicken Meatballs with Creamy Mushroom Sauce or Mushroom Soufflé Omelette.
This same mushroom preparation method of lightly brushing to clean applies to all varieties of mushrooms. So whether your using cups, swiss or flats – give it a go with some of the recipes below!

GET THE RECIPE: Lasagne with Ricotta Cheese Sauce

The bolognese for this lasagne is full of sliced button mushrooms that make it extra flavourful and filling.

GET THE RECIPE: Chicken Meatballs in a Creamy Mushroom Sauce

RIch and flavourful mushroom sauce goes perfectly with easy chicken meatballs. Make double the meatballs and freeze them for a convenient weeknight meal.

GET THE RECIPE: Mushroom Ragu with Creamy Polenta

This warming and hearty meal is perfect for dinner on cooler evenings and it's quick and easy to make.

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