A week of family meals on a budget

Want to know how to cook a week of family meals on a budget? These cheap dinner recipes are quick and easy to cook. Plus tips on how to create budget dinners. Included are chicken and rice recipes, mince recipes, pasta recipes, frittata recipes and the best spag bol recipe

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A week of family meals on a budget

We're on the slippery slope to Christmas. And once you factor in all the catch ups, drinks and gift buying, the bank balance is looking a little low. But there are still many weeknight meals to make and lunches to pack. It's time to ask yourself, how do I feed my family on a budget? Here's a very timely guide to cheap family meals that are wholesome and tasty and will get you through the working week.

What groceries should I buy on a budget?

Being frugal at the supermarket means you're saving on a number of levels. You'll save money, save space in the fridge / pantry and save on waste. Here are some key ingredients to consider when you're on a budget:

  • Mince: Whether it's chicken, beef, pork or lamb mince, it's the most cost-effective cut of meat with endless recipe possibilities. For ten 30 minute recipes with mince click here.
  • Tinned tomatoes: You can get crushed, whole, chopped or diced for about $1 per 400g tin. Opt for Australian grown.
  • Vegetables: Carrots, potatoes, sweet potato, bagged spinach, mushrooms, onions are all budget friendly wholesome veg to have at hand.
  • Frozen Veg: If you know that your timetable is erratic, keep a bag or two of frozen veg in the freezer. Snap frozen, they offer the same nutrients as fresh veg. They also help cut your prep and cooking time down.
  • Eggs: If you've got eggs in the fridge then you've got a meal. Boiled, scramble, whisked into an omelette or frittata your mealtimes are sorted.
  • Tinned beans: Black beans, corn, chickpeas, lentils are all handy pantry items for a quick and cheap throw together meal.
  • Tinned tuna: A large tin of tuna in the cupboard is a saving grace on the week before payday.

GET THE RECIPE: Healthy Lentil and Feta Frittata

If you've got eggs in the fridge, you've got a meal. The beauty of a frittata is that you can use any leftover veg or meats in it. This frittata uses tinned lentils for extra protein and health brownie points. The saltiness of the feta gives it a flavour boost. ​


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