Easy barbecue recipes for summer entertaining

The weather's glorious, summer entertaining is in full swing and you want to have a party with friends so you'll watn these easy barbecue recipes. The best things to cook on a barbecue include marinated chicken, fish and vegetables. 

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Easy barbecue recipes for summer entertaining

Tis the season for summer entertaining. An Australian bbq can be as gourmet or as relaxed as you choose. This easy barbecue recipes collection includes salads, barbecue mains and side dishes. Plus find out the best things to cook on a barbecue, what meat is best for barbecue and how long to barbecue wings. 

Best things to cook on a barbecue 

  • The best meat to cook on a barbecue is lamb cutlets, butterflied lamb, t-bone steaks, scotch fillet steaks, sausages, flank and, of course mince patties.
  • Chicken either whole, butterflied, marinated skewers or in individual cuts is a barbecue favourite. If you can fit it in your barbecue, a beer-can chicken is worth making as it keeps the chicken succulent. If you're cooking marinated chicken wings, cook on a medium heat with the lid down for about 15-20 minutes or until lightly charred and cooked through.
  • Seafood, especially butterflied king prawns, oily fish such as salmon fillets with skin on and whole fish. 
  • We love our barbecued vegetables. Almost all veg are elevated by a stint on the grill especially corn, onion, capsicum, asparagus, mushrooms, zucchini and eggplant.
  • And let's not forget fruit. Before you dirty the barbecue with meat, cut your stone fruit like peaches, or nectarines into halves or wedges and give them a grill to intensify the flavours and add to salads, or desserts. 

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