What to do with leftover vegetables


Have leftover cooked vegetables in the fridge? Turn them into a new meal with these fantastic leftover veggie recipes. With recipes including patties, fritters, bakes and casseroles, there's a delicious idea for your leftover vegetables here!

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What to do with leftover vegetables

It doesn’t take much effort to turn your leftover cooked vegetables into a tempting new meal. In fact, there are plenty of recipes that need vegetables to be pre-cooked, so using leftover veggies will drastically cut down your cooking time. It’s a win-win!
So, when you have vegetables from last night (or a few nights ago) in the fridge calling out to be eaten, try one of these easy leftover vegetable ideas.

Frittata or quiche

Get the recipe: Quiche Four Ways
These are both classic ways to breathe new life into leftover veggies. Most of the ingredients you need will probably already be in your pantry or fridge, too, so there’s no need for another grocery run.
Try adding leftover veggies to one of these recipes:

Vegetable pie

Get the recipe: Impossible Pasta Pie
Putting leftover veg in a pie does double duty, bulking up your pie and clearing out the fridge. The recipe for impossible pasta pie (pictured) is especially written for using up leftover roast vegetables. If you have a lot of leftover veggies, make sure there’s enough sauce and space for them in your pie shell.
Pie recipes: 

Vegetable fritters

Another favourite, who can resist a veggie-packed meal with crispy fried edges? Equally good as a meal or snack, these always go down a treat.
Here are some vegetable fritter recipes:

Vegetable slice

Get the recipe: Vegetable and Ham Slice
Vegetable slices usually use pre-cooked vegetables anyway, so it’s the perfect quick use for any leftover veggies in your fridge. 
Check out these veggie slice recipes:


Make deliciously creamy risotto and toss in those cooked veggies. This works especially well for wintery leftover mushrooms or roast pumpkin from a Sunday roast. 
These risotto recipes would work well with leftover veggies:


A vegetable omelette is a super quick one-pan meal, and they’re so easy to customise with different flavours. Leftover Asian stir fries are great with a squeeze of sriracha, leftover roast veggies are go well with parmesan, and Mediterranean veggies are lovely with feta.
Here are some omelette recipes with veggies:

Bubble and squeak

Get the recipe: Bubble and Squeak Turkey Fritters With Poached Eggs

Who else has fond memories of mum or dad whipping up bubble and squeak on the stovetop? It’s quick enough to make for breakfast or substantial enough for dinner. 
Bubble and squeak recipes:
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